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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." -Pablo Picasso

Free Inquiry 6: Final Post

What I wanted to accomplish So my free inquiry was to was to start using the iPad app Procreate to do digital drawing. This is an app that I had been aware of for a while and had even downloaded… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry 5: Playing Around With Animation

I wanted to get past the tutorials and see what I could do on my own. So I decided to try and make a sort of animated greeting card for the holidays. This year has been a bit of a… Continue Reading →

Visual/Response Journal 8: Final Journal Entry

Reflecting On This Semester And This Course This has been one hell of a semester. I don’t remember a time where school has been so stressful for me. This has very little to do with the difficulty of the courses,… Continue Reading →

Visual/Response Journal 7: Making Monsters, Spiral Art Education

I have always tended to lean towards the darker side of things. Whether that be films, literature, art, games or whatever, if there are dark, or horror themes I am on board. So for me there was no choice but… Continue Reading →

EdTech Inquiry

by Heidi Pridy & Rena Kanya The Inquiry Question What are the options for open-source or nonprofit EdTech tools hosted in Canada or locally installed, how viable are they and what can be done to increase access and viability of… Continue Reading →

A Quick Portfolio


Plot and Structure handout

Grade 10 Creative Writing Short Fiction Unit: Plot and Structure Lesson Plot and Structure

Literary Genre Assignment Infographic

Blog 9: Sketchnoting

EDCI 747: Gothic Genre Infographic

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